Saturday, May 27, 2017

Island Time

Tapestry Weavers South  celebrated a milestone tonight, twenty years!  Twenty eight weavers gathered on St. Simons Island Thursday for a three day retreat.

A beautiful setting to relax and connect with new friends and old.  

Lots of looms, lots of weavers and lots of inspiration.  As the retreat was a celebration there was plenty of time to visit with one another and weave.  The coolest thing about the weekend was getting to meet in "real life" weavers whose work you admired and facebook and blog friends.

Connie Lippert gave a talk on wedge weave.

Jon Eric Riis critiqued submitted work and gave us constructive feedback.

This portrait of a cocker spaniel by MJ Lord exuded joy.

Jon examines a finely woven piece by Molly Elkind.

Norsk Fjord Fiber's Sidsel  Moreb discusses her tapestry with Jon.

Sarah shared her approach to establishing and maintaining a daily tapestry practice.

This wonderful piece is by Pat Williams and one of my favorites.

This is Urban Decay by Betty Hilton-Nash.  Jon pointed out this tapestry looked great from every angle.

The three founding members of Tapestry Weavers South.  Pat Williams,  Tommye Scanlin and Holly Wilkes.

Tomorrow we will wrap up this retreat, say fond farewells and resume our mostly electronic communications.   There has been such a great deal of information and inspiration shared this weekend and we all need to get back to the studio and weave!


  1. Excellent summary of the retreat, Michiele. It was so good to meet you and to learn from everyone there.

  2. So glad to meet you Molly and learn from you!