Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Penland- The Real Magic Kingdom

Today, I met the other members of Tapestry Weavers South at Penland School of Craft.  We were fortunate enough to visit Tommye Scanlon and Bhakti Ziek's weaving class.  Their lucky students are immersed in an eight week concentration of tapestry and floor loom weaving techniques.

We shared our work with the students.

Genie talks about the inspiration for her glowing people.

One of the students  hard at work.

Meg gets some insight into this student's use of a colorful warp.

A tapestry sample.

Tommye discussing Holly's tapestry.

The class diary, each student is assigned a color and they weave a small bit each day.  They insert a slip of paper for those days they are out of the studio.

The dye studio upstairs.

In case you doubt the magic of Penland, this is the hand tiled bathroom wall.


  1. Thanks for the post about your visit today! We enjoyed having you here. Tommye

    1. I am always inspired by Penland. Thank you for hosting us.