Saturday, March 18, 2017

Oh Pear!

A few weekends ago when Riley stayed over we did we did some watercolors.   I was inspired by this napkin on the counter.

My rendition of a pear.

This was a fun watercolor, I didn't stress over a perfect likeness.  My watercolors are for weaving cartoons not final products.

Making a good start, using my 12 inch Mirrix loom with cotton seine twine with a sett of 8 epi.  Weft is Appleton 2 ply tapestry wool.  Three strands bundled together.  Above you can see I am weaving the area surrounding the bottom curves of the pear.

Can you spot the Oops?  I have blocked in an area by weaving too far on the exterior of the pear.  Total rookie mistake!

Meet and separate.



Tomorrow I will cut this off and mount it.  This was a diversion, I really should be weaving Red Rocks for the Tapestry Weavers South show in May.

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